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30 September 2011 @ 07:46 am
ESTABLISHED Yaoi RPG Board -- looking for good Yaoi/slash Writers! Metal Gears and Ohers!  

Metal Gears/Final Fantasy/ Angel Sanctuary/Devil May Cry, more!!
Have you ever had a desire to take a much loved character, toss them out
of their normal environs, just to see what would happen?  Get them into
situations that in their home "canon" would never be possible? Give
them a chance to shine, in ways they normally never have the opportunity? Then come join us!
We are a multi-fandom rp..
We are Yaoi/Yuri/Het/gender bender/Mpreg friendly, and are
willing to discuss other content you may have a desire to bring in.  We
are darker themed, for the most part. NC- 17 very much welcome, but is
not mandatory, and there WILL be sections for PG/R rated RP if asked
for.  Character death/torture very much allowed, but MUST be discussed
and approved by those involved.
Multiples of 'taken' chars are allowed, but must be in
different RP's, unless there is reason to be mingled. There may
occasionally be Shota, if that bothers you, you may avoid those stories.
We allow for and encourage 'surprises', as long as they do not involve
something drastic to another char, or a drastic change to the plot of
someone else's story. OCs ARE allowed.
So if you are interested, please contact mtwks_girl, or wingsofthegoddess on YIM, or
VergilSpardaDK on AIM, and all other information will be provided, and
your app process/trial rp scheduled.