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21 August 2011 @ 10:03 pm
I am sorry if there is anyone that feels they haven't gotten a tag of their own lately. But i have to admit that this community is such a low maintenance community that i somtimes forget to do anything than just make sure that it isn't spammed with crap commercials.

Anyway, i will get around to the personal tag thing, if nothing else then for the sake of archiving, and easier access for readers. But if you really want your own tag, let me know, just comment.

Alternativly i could open the tags, so all members could add tags, i guess that would be fine, y'all can tag stuff i'm sure. =)

And i would like to make you all aware that there IS a fuckton of tags http://acyaoi.livejournal.com/tag/ not just those you see on the side of this journal. (You can use the link *tag* on your right to open this another time, if there is something specific you're looking for.)
We invite you to... LE ENNUI JUST RE-OPENED, for the next chapter in the adventure...

le_ennui_rpg The Main Site

The survivors of the ill fated Ship of Mystery, Le Ennui, are now adrift on the beautiful Island that seemed to come out of nowhere ...just in time to save the floundering passengers, set to the fickle winds of Fate from the sinking of the Ennui. None of them knew how or why they had suddenly wound up on that ship, out of nowhere, and it looks now that they may never know. For all their adventures on board, they are now left with no memory at all, only the awareness of who they really are, and their relationships with the others they remember from their home worlds.

The terrible, wonderful journey is now as lost to them as their hope of return. Now the only proof any of it ever happened at all is the wrecked ruin of the Ennui that rests dead on the shore. You, the stunned and confused survivors, have manged in the few days you've been on dry land, to construct a longhouse out of the palm leaves and trunks that are abundant on the island. There are birds and wildlife, beautiful and dangerous, here, and once  you could swear you heard the rumbling roar of a tiger. Monkeys and parrots scream, as snakes slither in dark groves. Food in plenty, mangoes, guava, coconuts, and meat for the taking, if you are good enough.

There's just one thing. Most ---not all, perhaps --- would dearly love to return home. Paradise is yours, but at what cost? All you knew and loved back on your home world? And just by the way, what world is this?

ALL RP is done via character journals and on the RP logs.  

*Here is where you may do logging RPG: [info]le_ennui_logs *Here is where you will introduce yourselves, and for all OOC [info]le_ennui_ooc

But first, start here!     le_ennui_rpg 

1. Reserve your char. 2. Apply your char. 3. Post something in the OOC comm once approved. 4. Begin! :)

24 May 2011 @ 07:35 am


This has been crossposted a bit.  Apologies to anyone who's seen it already.

It's my latest Rude/Reno fanart.

Rated G
No warnings (Just Reno's head in Rude's lap)
about 300kb

Here it is over at my LJ!

12 May 2011 @ 01:51 pm
Forum RP
For anyone who's interested, click here

I just wanted to see if anyone was interested. It's a multifandom roleplay forum, multi-story. All of the information is there in that link.

You can delete the entry if you want, just wanting to see if there are a few bites <3
11 May 2011 @ 08:10 am
author: azzy
title: Perfectly Flawed
warnings: slight au, slight ooc, LEMON.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Tseng is busy, but not too busy to notice Zack Fair.
beta: goodbye_sun
AN: Erhm, i got tired of reading up on timelines cause my memory is like a swizz cheese, so i took an educated guess, i would recon i would set this while Verdot is gone the first time, and yes i took a scenario from Crisis Core and stuck in there, so sue me! its all about the smut anyways.. Here is the last chapter, and i blame erestorjunkie that I ever finished.
fandom: FF7
wip: 4/4
pairring: Zack/Tseng. (Tseng/Genesis implied)

Thanks for reading along =)

Perfectly Flawed 4.Collapse )
Current Music: Selvmord - Råbe Under Vand (Rune RK Remix)
11 May 2011 @ 01:45 am
Title: Saffron
Author: notraffic
Rating: R
Pairings: Reno/Tseng
Warnings: Reno and Tseng have a conversation about what it means to be a Turk, and the transmutations that take place for certain concepts. Post-Advent Children. Sorry for an x-posting. As always, C&C greatly appreciated.

Fic: Saffron

Title: Anthem of the Angels
Chapter(s): 01: Sephiroth
Genres: Angst/Romance/Friendship
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings (current chapter): Sephiroth/Cloud, Kadaj, mentions of JENOVA and Hojo
Disclaimer: The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII belongs to Square Enix. The song, Anthem of the Angels, belongs to Breaking Benjamin.

Summary: [One Shot Collection] A memory. A legacy. The gift of the Goddess. Pride, honor and dreams. Wings do not make a monster; they are for those who seek freedom. Yet, the price of freedom is steep...