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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Yaoi

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This is a community for Advent Children yaoi.

Feel free to post any comments, suggestions or questions you have.

You don't have to make an introductory post, but it would be a little appreciated. Tell us how you heard of the community, who your favourite pairing is, tell us if you write or draw or just read and look... anything is good ^-^

All posts should remain on-topic, ideally. That means it has to relate to Advent Children in some way or fall into its timeline. Off-topic posts will be removed. No questions asked.

Fanart, fiction and icons are definitely allowed. All fanart and fiction must go behind an LJ-cut. You can post them in this format if you like:

Selling goods and/or promoting personal LJs is NOT allowed. Offending posts will be removed immediately and on second offense posters will be banned. contributers to the community is however allowed to pimp their communities and homepages, we're all here for the smutty fun, right?

Please post the title, author, warnings, pairing, rating, and summary before the cut, so people know what they are getting into, and please state the number of chapter in the topic line if its a W.I.P (work in progress)

Please hide the body of your fic behind a cut tag. If you are not sure how to make such a cut-tag, please read this FAQ. We would like this community to look nice and clean.

If you sell stuff that is not AC or even FFVII related this is considered spam. If you have an auction with one FF comic and 10 other comics, this will be on the verge of spam, and can be deleted.

Sharing comics is not spam, so if you have a manga scan with something FFVII related, then go ahead and post. Just remember to keep the images under a cut, and post warnings and credits.

Roleplaying invites are allowed, as long as you keep those huge images/ long posts, under a cut. I realise it wont have the same 'pang - everybody sees it' effect. but it wont annoy people either. fail to do this and your post might be deleted. If you post for multi fandom RPG's please think twice before posting them.

Feel free to ask for a specific story and/or author, ask for help with a story, or ask for a promt. this is not seen as off-topic posts. Neither is proof reader calls, or asking if someone will co-write something with you.

We are all adults, don't be a jerk! If you dont like it, piss off - nobody is forcing you to read. - ALL TROLLS, FLAMES, AND IDIOTS WILL BE DEALT WITH SWIFTLY AND MERCILESSLY!

Please take your time to read the rules. , Cuz that's the polite thing to do.

- community is moderated by mykaa & azzy & im_pretty_good

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